About Aircraft and In-Flight Catering

Abby’s Aircraft Catering opened its doors in 1980 when we began servicing individuals aboard their chartered, corporate and private, executive aircraft with a fine dining experience.  With each departure, we are confident that our customers are experiencing culinary excellence at 40,000 feet.

We are grateful that within the framework of our customer base, we have, and continue to serve business owners, CEOs and executives, celebrities, and dignitaries, such as presidents and kings.

Our Aircraft Catering division is the ‘hub of a wheel’ that has several spokes.  We have retained loyal customers throughout the years and as our business grew, our companion enterprises were created.  Abby’s Corporate Catering began from requests to fulfill the office catering needs of our Aircraft customers, and the genesis for Abby’s Deli & Take Out began with the idea of providing a retail concept to the general public.

In 2011, our logo was redesigned to reflect a more vibrant image, and that would continue to be recognizable to all of our customers, keeping a level of consistency throughout our divisions.  In addition, the ownership is consistently keeping in sync with technology as we provide our customers preferred ways to place orders, and maintain their respective accounts, giving them greater control over the ordering process.

Our commercial kitchen and facilities are located in Houston, Texas and we have the honor of servicing aircraft arriving and departing from 15 airports in the greater Houston and Galveston areas.

Thank you and we hope to serve you on your next flight when you take to the sky.

Bon Appétit et Bon Vol!