Mission Statement

At Abby’s Catering, our customers rely on our range of expertise within a broad spectrum of the food service industry as we serve them through our aviation and corporate catering divisions, retail delicatessen, and cafeteria management environments. We fulfill our goal each day as we provide the highest level of individualized, personal attention to detail and service possible.

With the diverse responsibilities that we manage each day, our highly trained management and staff are collectively committed in preparing the highest quality cuisine and correctly filling each request promptly within your specified time frame, regardless of the size of the order or nutritional modifications.

Working in a cohesive team environment, all of our employees strictly adhere to, and uphold all Food Safety State and Federal Standards and regulations including cleanliness, storage, temperature control, and all appropriate food handling guidelines.

We have an excellent record of food safety and continually meet the semi-annual requirements for HACCP-9000®, an international program that assures the quality of food service practices and safety for a food and beverage facilities and food service establishments anywhere in the world.

At Abby’s Catering, our principled work ethic began with this premise—every employee is respected for who they are, regardless of their position.  This respect is the foundation upon which our company is founded and we have created a safe, nurturing environment so that all employees feel valued.  In addition, our employees are equipped with all the training and the tools necessary to become proficient in their role as an integral part of our team.  Our employees have long tenures with us and are rewarded for their loyal dedication.

How Do We Conduct Business?

For over three decades Abby’s Catering and its divisions have displayed exemplary fiscal conduct in all our business transaction, both to vendors, employees, and as customers. Over the years, the steady growth of our business has enabled our company to enjoy substantial financial strength, allowing us to establish trust with our business partners and customers.

We are grateful for the faithful devotion of our many, loyal customers, and vow to continue to deliver the same level of excellence in our products and friendly customer service that you have come to expect throughout the past three decades.  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you and we anticipate having a conversation with you soon.